Sport Health

Sport Health Is The Authority In Sports Medicine

In 1983, when the Sports Medicine Australian was still the Australian Sports Medicine Association, the association launched the first edition of Sport Health. In the thirty-eight years of the magazine’s existence, it has become one of the country’s most reputable sport magazines. Published every quarter, four issues are released every year in what is collectively known as volumes.

Every issue covers topics in the sports sector, health, and the activities and interests of various groups that make up the sports medicine and health development community in Australia. The magazine exposes, informs, and educates members and the general public on issues that concern the association.


Sports Health provides exposure to people on several issues sports and medicine related.


The Sport Health quarterly magazine informs members and the public on Sports Medicine Australia’s latest activities, available resources, and events.


The information provided in the magazine educates people on issues in the sport and health disciplines as well as topics in affiliated fields.


Over the course of thirty-eight years, Sport Health has grown in reputation and quality of contents that it has become a highly-referenced source of information in the sports medicine sector, both in Australia and outside the country.


Access to Sports Health is dependent on a subscription. The quarterly magazine is available only to Sports Medicine Australia members. To gain access to the magazine’s latest issues as it is released, you need to sign up to become a member of Sports Medicine Australia. Along with this, membership comes with a lot more amazing benefits that are exclusive only to members.

For previous issues, you can gain access to them on the association’s website. These copies are available for online viewing through PDF download. To read, you have to download Adobe Reader to view the documents. These PDF documents are free to download on the website and transcend several issues and volumes. For more information, please click here.

To download previous editions, click on the link below the edition.

Issues And Volumes

Four issues of Sport Health are published every year in quarterly editions. For the year 2020/21, two issues of Volume 38 have been published. The first issue is focused on running, while the second issue is centred around mental health. These two as well as more recent issues, are still exclusively available to Sports Medicine Australia members on SMA CONNECT.

Volume 37 is also currently available for only members on SMA Membership Portal. Issue 1 was tagged “The Cricket Issue”, while Issue 2 focused on paediatric athletes. The following edition, Issue 3, was on Master Athletes, while Issue 4 highlighted the impact of Covid-19 on sport in an edition titled “COVID-19 and the Impact on Sport”.

The 2018/19 edition, Volume 36, is currently the last edition exclusively available to SMA members. The first issue is free to download on the SMA website, while the remaining three are available only on the SMA Membership Portal. As the remaining two editions for the 2020/21 Volume 38 is anticipated, you can go through the free copies of earlier issues on the website.